Welcome to Levering Orchard, celebrating our 113th year in 2021. Yes, we are open again this year, with new guidelines to keep everyone safe. Now, more than ever, going to a farm, being outdoors, getting away from crowded places, and buying fresh, local fruit is a great experience for the family. It’s fun, safe, and educational for children and adults alike to spend time on this beautiful mountain.

Owner Frank Levering continues the tradition started by his grandparents, Ralph and Clara, and parents, Sam and Miriam. In addition to apples, peaches, pears and apricots, Levering Orchard features 32 acres of cherry trees with an amazing 56 varieties to choose from — imagine! We call it Cherry Mountain. Ours is the largest and most beautiful cherry orchard in the South, with the greatest selection of cherries in the United States.



We ESTIMATE the orchard will open for pick-your-own sweet cherries on June 5. This date is ESTIMATED — BE SURE to call or email us before you come. The numbers are 276-755-2224; 276-755-3593; or 276-730-4722. Email us at franklevering1@gmail.com. Because of a freeze and a very small crop, we cannot guarantee already picked cherries this year. Nor do we know how long the sweet cherries will last.

SOUR CHERRY PICKING (ESTIMATED) begins Saturday, June 12. As this date may change, please call the phone numbers listed above, or email us. With two-thirds of a normal crop because of the freeze, we can not guarantee already-picked sours cherries. Nor do we know how long we will have sour cherries.

NO AUGUST PEACHES this year because of the freeze.

EXCELLENT CROP OF FALL APPLES! Season begins Labor Day, September 6. We hope to have apples for sale until mid-November.

PAYMENT: Cash or check only.


Get Directions to the Orchard

We have a map and step-by-step directions to the Orchard. We encourage you to use our directions as Google Maps and Map Quest directions may not be ideal.

Orchard Hours & Fruit Availability. Orchard Theatre!

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